As we continue to celebrate Uganda’s 57th Independence, it should be noted that proper implementation of  an idea ,desire , policies and strategies can stimulate growth and development of an individual, a business and the country at large.

Life is all about implementing what we so much desire to achieve in life, where we want to be by coming up with a vision. A vision should not be left for business, institutions but every individual should have one. It should clearly show where one would want to be in the next coming years.

Although the rate of unemployment is still high in our country Uganda especially among the youths ,I am happy to note that those who have  embraced acquiring hands on skills like carpentry, engaging in agriculture, tailoring ,salon-hair and body grooming ,music, dance and drama sports mechanics, carpet making ,adding value to food stuffs and many more have improved on their standards of living .On this note I congratulate Esther& Ezekiel ,the siblings who won USD 50,000 (Ugx184m) in the just concluded East Africa Got Talent search, and Halima Nakayi and Joshua Cheptegei who won gold medals in a World championship  in Doha, they competed  in 800m and 10,000m respectively. This is a great achievement for the participants and Uganda as a whole as we celebrate our independence.

Therefore, doing such practical skills improve one’s quality of life right at a young age , and as one pays taxes, the country’s GDP(Gross Domestic Product )increases and eventually development is realised.

Nevertheless, this is a call to all agencies in charge of skilling the youths in this country to continue doing so right from the grassroots so as to bring all the youths on board, to help them engage in meaningful work and of course this will later on curb on the high crime rate which is greatly affecting the development of our country. Anyhow, policies for the youths should be implemented in time to avoid all the challenges that come with youth unemployment as the old adage states “a stitch in time saves nine.”

As we continue to implement our good ideas, desires, policies and strategies on an individual, community, and country basis, It comes with no surprise that there are people ,communities  and institutions  in this country who  have a great deal of ideas, desires, policies  and strategies which have not yet been implemented . Many of these ideas   have been left in the mind, on shelves and some archived. This is very bad and deters development which we so much desire in the 21st century, Policies like that of decentralisation should be properly implemented and of course monitored and evaluated. As we all know development in any country starts at a family level, community level, district level, regional level and then it spreads throughout the country.

The blame game which has taken up our homes, communities and institutions in this country-Uganda should stop. Each of us should know our duties and obligations, nothing comes on a silver platter, we have got to work and go an extra mile, align our goals to the true North as I usually say so as to achieve the development which we so much desire as a country .Remember it starts with you as a person.

Last Saturday,5th October,2019 we celebrated the international teachers’  day  but one thing that captured my  attention was that the Minister asked the teachers to form SACCos(Savings and Credit Cooperative Organisation) where they can save and borrow  money, she noted that the government would inject about 7 billion  Uganda shillings. This sounds pretty good but when one looks at the receiving side, the teachers have not come up vividly to save in the already created SACCOs, the fear of the unknown is affecting their progress towards joining and later on saving in these cooperatives. Teachers should put their best foot in these SACCOs, save and borrow in order to implement their ideas and desires of life so as to continue giving quality education to the citizens of this country with integrity.

It is so amazing that when God was creating this world, he had a Vision of how he wanted this world to look like, it took him six days to create the world and he created man last and gave him a role to take care of the other creatures. Therefore, as we continue to co-create with God, let us be people of action, implementers of what we say because “an idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell” as noted by Arnold H.Glasow.

“Let us put procrastination out of the way. Let each of us have a plan on how we are going to implement our ideas so as to make the world a better place.”

Gladys S.N Kabanda, Kampala

The writer is an Ass. Director- Busega Prep School

 #Management and Leadership Consultant


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